Down The Wings

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Sir Matt Busby once said, “Football is nothing without the fans”, so in a time where transfer fees are growing exponentially, a time where greedy agents have their hands all over promising young talent and the price of a matchday ticket is rising to a point where to see the team you love play week in week out you must sacrifice half your living wage. Down The Wings is a Manchester United fan blog constructed the Busby way, with the best interests of the fans at heart.

One of the unique things about Manchester United post World War Two was the fact that the football played was presented in a way that would encapsulate the hearts and minds of football fanatics nationwide “a duty to entertain. Sir Matt ensured his Babes played in a way that dynamic and quick attacks that mesmerised the world of football. Watching a documentary on the babes a few years back one of the things that struck me was after one of the first European games that Manchester United played against Anderlecht in Belgium, the reds had won by a large margin of goals and in the newspapers in Belgium the next day, one of the opposition players, playing for Anderlecht, had said something along the lines of “it was like they had 100 men on the field” that for me sums up United in the footballing sense – vintage Busby Ball.

The Manchester United style of play is one that ensured fans were walking down Warwick road with smiles in anticipation of an absolute spectacle, a sentiment upheld even when we were relegated, Tommy Docherty’s men played in a way that again, entertained fans down the flanks continuously putting in crosses despite being in the then 2nd division fans fully integrated in Manchester United. This is why “Down The Wings” is not just a symbol of the glory days under Sir Matt and Sir Alex but a symbol of the connection between the fans and Manchester United. George Best, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are all fan favourites because they entertained, that “edge of seat” feeling. which is why Down The Wings, though some may not understand, is an apt name for the fan blog that brings you everything Manchester United, the Busby Way for the fans.