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Bruno Fernandes Backs Solskjaer amidst rumours of a dispute

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has backed Solskjaer despite rumours of a relationship breakdown.

The Portuguese midfielder was quick to come to the defence of his manager and teammates after last nights victory against Sweden. Fernandes shutdown told Portuguese television not to use his “colleagues or the coach to make trouble at Manchester United.”

Instead the 26-year-old was adamant that the “atmosphere is good [at the club] and the team is ready to give an answer in the next game.”

The rumours resulted from Fernandes’ unusual substitution at half time against Spurs. Various reports claimed that Solskjaer as well as teammates, more Notably club captain Harry Maguire, came under fire for either a lack of tactics or an inability to be club captain. Bruno Fernandes didn’t come out for the second half, the suggestion there being he requested to calm down and stay in the dressing room with Anthony Martial.

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