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Can we actually sign someone!?? | Weekly Opioid

Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United close, Down The wings MUFC

Is there anyone where not buying???? Can we actually sign anyone ?????

When I sat down at the start of the transfer period a thought hit me ” who will we sign?” followed by half an hour (maybe longer) having a happy little daydream about Neymar Mbappe even a mad thought about a cheeky bid for Kevin De Bruyne ( he’s fuckin class even if he does play in bandit country) just to upset the Noisy neighbours.

Forget City I hear you cry! but let face facts we are well behind them. Their bench has more class than our midfield options at the present time (an Instagrammer, the only Brazilian that cant play football, Juan Mata, Scott McSauce and Fred) (I didn’t forget Matic but let’s face it is he really an option).

So to the fun bit, WHO CAN WE SIGN!

Two weeks in and it looks like Bruno Fernandes is the player we are going for. (Couldn’t we have signed in the summer ED asking for a friend ). Yes, the Portuguese bloke from the summer who has amazing numbers 8 goals and 7 assists in 15 starts.

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Who the f$%£ is Jude Bellingham ………. well this signing by Ole would continue on the young home the grown signing of Daniel James and Arron Wan Bissaka, the 16-year old has played 25 times for
Birmingham this season scoring 4 goal and 1 assist ( doesn’t sound too shabby) all the videos I’ve seen show a lad with lots of pace and a few tricks ( and after Flash’s start to the season we have no doubt Ole will have done his homework)

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Jack Grealish is who I would like to see at United, a couple of seasons in the championship has done the boy the world of good. Returning to the PL with Aston Villa ( who he has shown untold loyalty too have stuck with them through relegation), Jack has proved he is a game-winner( even against us… nearly). A haul of seven goals and 5 assists makes him even more of a target for me than James Maddison not Jadon Sancho but definitely a better suitable part of the set-up the Maddison. Honestly believe he would transform our fortunes.

Having lost out on Haaland (who scored a fuckin debut hat-trick for Dortmund) we definitely are in need of a Goal Machine? Sooooooo who??????????? Wilfred Zaha!! I say it now and I said it then “we got him too early ” well that and “David Moyes what a muppet” when I watch Zaha absolutely dominate teams, we should have sent him on loan, we should have had a buyback option. How about we shouldn’t have fuckin sold him on the cheap when everyone knew he was gonna EXPLODE the last 2 maybe 3 transfer windows this lad has been touted all over Europe as pure talent no one paid attention ……….. apart from the gunners (who couldn’t afford him). Zaha will go somewhere big it’s only a matter of when ….. just imagine :

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Theatre of dreams 2020. Ed Woodward sign then all!!!

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