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Class of 2020: What could we Have on our hands

Could we be about to see a group of players come through at United to equal the Class of 92.

How can we even start to talk about “The Academy” without reminiscing about the likes of Giggs, Neville’s, Butt, Scholes, and Becks the Class of 92, Never had a group of young players broke into the First team since the days of the Busby Babes. 

Prior to the 95-96 season Sir Alex sold the nucleus of his team back and decided to go with the youth he had, which led to a first day smashing and  (Graham Souness of 95/96) Alan Hansen to say “You will never win anything with kids” (OOOOOOO how he regretted that statement) …little did we know history would repeat itself just 20 years later.

At the end of last season we had a lot of “deadwood” in lots of different positions  LB/CM and ST ( yes striker Lukaku was shite) enter the class of 2020……..kinda.

The academy has produced good players for years (not Lingard)  and in Nicky Butt’s hands hopefully will continue to do so for years.

Ok, it might not be the Class of 92 levels but the likes of Mason Greenwood, Angel Gomes and Brandon Williams coming through (don’t forget Mctominay) all at once happens very rarely.

Firstly let’s talk about Mason Greenwood what a start this boy has had seems to score on every appearance, people might be shocked ….Mason isn’t… He’s been at it for years basically every stage Mason has smashed it and then some.

With lethal quick feet, he is again a player the perfectly fits Ole’s dynamic for his United. Arguably a better outright striker than Martial and Rashford (who honestly are more useful on the wings)position and technical abilities ain’t shabby either ….. both will come with a bit of leadership and a run of games.

So we move on to Angel Gomes for me the weakest of the bunch (Jesse Lingard in five years time) people can say he is amazing technically and he’s awesome off the ball …… sorry he looks like a tiny little hobbit and will ( absolutely positively 100%) Get bullied off the ball every time he gets it in the premier league …. in five years time he will still be a young prospect and he’ll 28.

Brandon Williams what can I say, what a player, what a defender. what a absolute dream come true ….

After too many years watching 2 differant Luke Shaw’s turn up every season ( one for pre-season and the second about a month into the season that was shite and couldn’t run ten yards ) Willliams is a long awaited fix to the LB problem, for seasons past managers (post-Sir Alex era) have struggled to balance attack and defence in the LB position. 

With Young and Shaw as the best options for that position …..Young who could attack allday and defend resolutely did an impressive job but the facts remain the legs are gone even when the mind is willing. Shaw who seemed to be 2 differant players in pre-season healthy and full of energy and 1 month into the season when he was unhealthy and looked like he couldn’t be arsed , Neither being a viable long term option, Thank f@£% for Williams . Brandon ticks all the boxes , attack defense and man does this kid love a tackle.

Back in the Jose era, there weren’t many happy moments but one shining light was Scott McTominay, a box 2 box monster who plays for the badge. This season Scott has really shown what we are missing when he has not been in the starting eleven , the partnership he was cultivating with fred before his Latest injury was really starting to show result with a whole new stability spreading through the team 

So  its not the Class of 92 but some absolute players are coming through and maybe a reason to smile a little more  from “The Academy” that never fails to amaze 

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