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Match Review: Manchester United 0-5 Liverpool

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Manchester United are left licking a gaping wound after a demolition of United’s defence at an emptying Old Trafford.

How Did Manchester United Set Up?

Quite unsurprisingly United are still setting up with the belief they can play their style (if they have one) of football against any level of opposition. The midweek game showed an indication there are problems with the 4-2-3-1 that Ole’s team adopt, it does have significant flaws that a more intense and experienced team would exploit and ex-united player Paul Scholes pointed this during the break.

3 words to describe the game = Embarrassing, Naïve, woeful.

The Team:

David De Gea (GK), Aaron Wan-Bissaka (RB), Victor Lindelof (CB), Harry Maguire (CB), Luke Shaw (LB), Fred (CM), Scott McTominay (CM), Bruno Fernandes (AM), Mason Greenwood (RW), Marcus Rashford (LW), Cristiano Ronaldo (ST)

How It Went Down: Manchester United vs Liverpool

First Half

United were smothered from the first whistle until the 45th minute, with Liverpool scoring 2 easy goals inside the opening 15 minutes and adding another 2 at 38’ and 45’ through their talisman Mo Salah. A few bright red faces seen at the touchline and the Boo’s echoing around the stadium like a never-ending tunnel.

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It was easy for the Liverpudlians to create chances, United played a high line against an attack that are infamous at the high press and running beyond the backline and it worked a treat for the eventual winners. The goals ultimately came from good link-up play and a comedy of errors from the United backline. At one point club captain Harry Maguire missed an opportunity to steal the ball back was caught wrong-footed and then turned to run blindly toward his own player, as Luke Shaw was making his way central to cover the captain’s lack of awareness, the large brute collided with Shaw and spilled the ball through for Liverpool to score.

The 1st half ends with the Red Devils losing 4-0.

Second Half

There was seldom an opportunity to get excited over in the second half and play pretty much resumed with the onslaught, I personally caught myself placing money in the bookmakers with United players to get carded. Thank you, Mr. Pogba, 15 minutes onto the pitch and a reckless tackle to win a ball that was out of reach saw the French starlet see the ref’s book. Originally a yellow it was escalated by the referee after a VAR review and rightfully so, there was no case here for an appeal, Paul was off his feet, stretching and made clear contact with the ankle, as the leading foot rolled above the ball with studs showing.

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The game petered out toward the latter stages and a mass exit around 70 minutes was not a surprise, many fans walked away either enraged with anger and despair or overcome with sadness, strolling with their tail between their legs.

United looked like a team far away from the blossoming flower of last year, disjointed and unorganised at best.

Final Score: 0-5

GOALS: Mo Salah x 3, Diogo Jota x 1, Naby Keita x 1.


Things to note

Tactically United are awful, emblazoned across the Sky Sports screen was an alarming statistic. United are now the lowest-ranked team in the premier league for tackles per game, errors leading to shots and clean sheets, not bad going for a defensive united worth in excess of £200M, or so they say.

Man of the Match – Nobody…

There was not a single player in a red shirt yesterday who played well, it is incredibly common for a games momentum to switch from team to team like the gentle eb and flow of the tide, here however there wasn’t a single player who stood out as having a game to remember for the better.

Bigger Picture

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This is the hardest piece I’ve written, sadly it’s one that has been easy to write. So obvious are the mistakes yet we foolishly believe that “if we go again” the magic will return and all will be fine. It’s so frustrating!

I fully believed in Ole and his project for so long but it’s taken such a dramatic turn I cannot see it working out for the club legend. There are issues with every club that are hidden but for what the supporters can see and the way the media portrays the club, I cannot see any other way forward than the man losing his job, the vultures are circling…

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