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Player Ratings: Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United |1-1|Player Ratings

David De Gea: 5

A familiar pattern seems to be developing with De Gea. When the pressures on he seems to fold. Regardless of any errors De Gea is to blame for a terrible attempt at a save.


Aaron Wan Bissaka: 7

An overall steady game all round for our star right back. Going forward, Wan Bissaka did do some good things but certain touches were off. But a good game from him.

Victor Lindelof: 6

Victor Lindelof didn’t fill me with any confidence today. He wasn’t at fault directly the goal but in phases of the game he looked weak, and under pressure. Alongside Maguire does seem to be a position in need of an actual upgrade.

Harry Maguire: 6.5

On the face of it Maguire was to blame. He was skinned by Steven Bergwjin one on one. However, Harry Kane didn’t get a sniff in and I put that down to Harry Maguire.

Luke Shaw: 7

Luke Shaw is another one that can be blamed for the Spurs goal by giving possession away. However like AWB, he did have a positive game, going forward as well as defensively under pressure from Aurier.


Scott McTominay: 6

Not a great decision from Ole to start McTominay, looked one of the rustiest on the field in an important midfield position. Was moved to CB and looked solid but was rightly substituted.

Fred: 6

An average performance from Fred. Like McTominay he looked off the pace. I also question him starting today but he was picked on merit today. However, I feel Pogba really should have started.

Bruno Fernandes: 7

It wasn’t a vintage Fernandes performance, like we’ve seen since signing. However, the left back was a shining light in a tepid overall performance.


Marcus Rashford: 6

Rashford had a pep in his step going into the game with all the positive PR surrounding him and rightly so. But I do feel that he was rusty and tried to hard. Had he been match fit, he would’ve had a brace today I’m sure of it. But the reality is nobody was match fit.

Anthony Martial: 5

Perhaps one of the most frustrating players on the field simply because he didn’t get into the game. He had very few touches but when he was called upon he wasn’t sharp in front of goal. His lack of match fitness was evident in the two missed chances that would’ve seen us win the game.

Daniel James: 4

Daniel James had a frustrating performance. He seemed to be targeted by Mourinho. He barely got the chance to stretch his legs which is his biggest asset. Very poor performance.


Paul Pogba: 8.5

My Man of the match by a long way. We got something out of this game simply because of the Frenchman. He came on and oozed pure quality. He’s a cut above anything we have and proved that today. The skill to deceive Dier along with the cross field pass for Rashford showed me why he’s the best midfielder in world football.

Mason Greenwood: 7

Unlike Daniel James, Greenwood looked at it from the moment he came on. You can tell the difference in quality and talent between the two. He deserves a start in the next game.

Nemanja Matic: 7

Nemanja Matic was extremely unlucky not to start. In that run of 11 games pre Lockdown he was evidently a pivotal part of our success. Matic is another that I’d like to see start in the next game.

Eric Bailly: n/a

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