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Romelu Lukaku : “I just wanted some protection”

Lukaku at Manchester United

Romelu Lukaku has voiced his discontent at the way he was treated at Manchester United. The Belgian International has said that he “just wanted some protection” from the club amidst the transfer talk this summer.

The 26 year old has now made the move and will be playing for Inter Milan in the coming season after a reported €65 million euro deal was agreed with Manchester United.

Lukaku’s record is not one to be ridiculed however, he was able to respectably score 42 goals and assist 13 in 96 appearances at Old Trafford. However, his days in Manchester seemed to be numbered as early as December when Jose Mourinho was sacked and replaced with club legend, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Lukaku in Inter Training

Romelu seemed to be surplus to requirements as the likes of Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial were picked ahead of him and he was left benched towards the latter stages of the season, a feeling that he wasn’t used to under previous management.

Inevitably, with the arrival of the summer transfer window 2019, transfer rumours followed before his move to inter. In a podcast with Josh Hart, Lukaku revealed how he was frustrated that the rumours were not nipped in the bud;

“A lot of stuff had been said where I didnt feel protected, a lot of rumours, ‘Rom’s gonna go there, they don’t want Rom’ and nobody came out and shut it down”

Lukaku celebrating Sanchez’ Manchester United Goal

Lukaku also commented on how he and a few others were scapegoats despite not being the worst performers, he namechecked himself, “Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez” as those who hung out to dry by fans fans for collective poor performances.

The cubs willingness to allow speculation and gossip about Lukaku’s Manchester United status meant by the end he didn’t feel loved.

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