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Solskjaer’s Second Window | Weekly Opioid

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So we had Ole’s second window… Personally I don’t think Ole is the problem and I also don’t think the Glazer family is the problem and seems this is my opinion and not @downthewings views I’m gonna tell you why and if you don’t like it tough f****** s***!

Let’s start … well at the Glazers billion pounds take over, in the first five years of the Glazer family. Sir Alex Bought and sold who he liked with Nani, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, Tevez, Berbatov, Ji-sung Park and Toni Valencia all coming in let’s not f@£% about we still talk of these people today in the highest regard. Since 2009 the list of players the Glazers have financed is like who is who of football including Pogba, Mkhitaryan, Depay, De Gea, Van Persie, Zaha, Mata, Valdes, Schweinsteiger, Young, Wan-Bissaka, Maguire, and Sanchez.

So the f@$£&^ Fact The Glazers have made the money available players have been bought (slower since Sir Alex retired).

Ole Gunner Solkjaer is not the problem, is he an elite manager? No (not YET). Is he Out of his depth?…….NO! Can we win the Premier League with Ole…………. Yes!

Ole is a player that played at united understands the attacking philosophy of united. He didn’t rush into a big job he Returned to Norway and learnt the hard way (Cardiff City) with Molde Fc. With time and the continued right signings ( bit quicker), I believe if he can get the play how he wants we could be on to a winner with the man from Molde…

So Opie who is the f@£”$ to Blame? ED Fuckin Woodward!!

Now don’t get me wrong this man is a smart mother fucker he has had some powerful jobs in commercial and media. Including JP Morgan (who the Glazers bought the most shares from to take control of the club) and Price Waterhouse Coopers who are both elite companies and was the man who helped Malcolm Glazer acquire Manchester United.

The simple fact is he’s not a football man (probably thinks football is waste of time but a brilliant money maker  ………..yes I know “weirdo”) he doesn’ understand the feelings we feel, the excitement just because it’s game days ………. the hours at the laptop ranting about wankers like him (when there is really nothing wrong with him … he just not a football man).. he doesn’t understand that a missed signing or an injury can impact the fans lives there existence.

 Ed has made us a lot of money smashing massive commercial and media deals making us a football powerhouse no matter where we sit in the league, which really is where his genius is best used. So honestly all we need is one simple fix:

We need a Director of football! WE NEED A FOOTBALL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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